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How To Find A Perfect Location When Buying Your Home


A client came to my realty office yesterday, telling me to find a buyer for her house as she is selling it.

When I asked her the reason for selling her house, she replied that she could no longer tolerate the noise and traffic in her neighborhood. It appears that her house was located just across the main gate of a well-known private school and every morning there was heavy traffic because of the students coming to classes being brought by private vehicles and public transport.

I have also a friend who recently sold his house located in a subdivision because of thievery and two incidents of hold-ups inside the subdivision, and he was disturbed by the lack of peace and order inside.

That is why as a realtor, I always agree that the three most important words in buying a house are “location, location, and location.” Location is really a factor to consider when you buy a house, and also in buying, you need to think about selling—that is, if you sell your house in the future, whether or not your investment will pay off.

What makes for the perfect location when you buy your home? It depends on your personal needs, but in general there are six basic factors to consider, as follows:

1.  Your safety. This includes a peaceful neighborhood, no gang activity, break-ins of thieves, with presence of the police force or private security guards. Some upscale subdivisions maintain a 24-hour security, but you must pay a relatively big amount of membership dues to include the salaries of the security force.

2.  Access to school. If you have children or having a family of your own, the quality of the schools is important. Your house should not be neighbor to the school, but must have easy access to it.

3.  Shopping, Malls, Medical Facilities, Market. Your home must have easy walking or driving distance to shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, and markets so that you can live with ease and comfort.

4. Commute Time. Your home should be in a location where travel time to basic facilities and amenities is shorter. In addition, there should be the availability of public transport in going to work, to do shopping, and to school for your children.

5.  Recreational Facilities. If you like to exercise, go to the gym, walking or jogging, or like to spend time outside for recreation or sports, then choose a location or neighborhood that is near a park, walking spaces, jogging path, and other facilities.

6. Neighbors. Your neighbors must be a factor in choosing a location. Your peace of mind, quiet of abode, and enjoyment of your property depend on the kind of neighbors you have.

In summary, choosing a location that is perfect for your needs when you buy a house is an important factor, just as important when you choose a house to buy that is right for you.

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